Top 5 moral story for kids | Moral story in English short

Top 5 moral story for kids | Moral story in English short

1. A Wise Person | Moral story in English short

Things often don’t appear as they are but rather as we are. This is a story of a wise person who was sitting outside his village. A traveler passed by and asked the person, “What kind of people live in this village? I am thinking of leaving my village and settling in another.”

The wise person asked in return, “How are the people in the village you want to leave?”

The man replied, “They are selfish, unkind, and rude.” Top 5 moral story for kids

The wise person answered, “The people here are the same.”Top 5 moral story for kids

Sometime later, another traveler came and asked the same question. The wise person, in turn, asked, “How are the people in the village you want to leave?”

The traveler replied, “The people there are polite, compassionate, and helpful to each other.”

The wise person said, “You’ll find the same kind of people in this village too.”

Generally, we don’t see the world as it is but as we are.

From this story, the lesson is that in most cases, the behavior of others mirrors our behavior. If our intentions are good, we tend to consider others’ intentions as good too. If our intentions are bad, we assume the same about others’ intentions.

2. Understanding Others’ Feelings | Moral story in English short

Once, a child went to a pet store to buy a puppy. Four puppies were sitting together, each priced at 50 dollars. One puppy was sitting alone in a corner.

The child asked if that lonely puppy was for sale among the rest.

The shopkeeper replied, “That one is for sale, but it’s handicapped and unsuitable.”

The child asked, “What’s wrong with it?”

The shopkeeper explained that the puppy had a disabled leg since birth, and its paws had deformities. The child asked if he could play with the puppy, to which the shopkeeper agreed.

The child picked up the puppy and it started licking his ears. Moral story in English short At that moment, the child decided to buy that very puppy. The shopkeeper hesitated, saying it was not for sale, but the child persisted.

He paid 2 dollars and ran to his mother with the rest of the money. As he reached the door, the shopkeeper asked, “I don’t understand why you’re spending so much on this puppy when you could buy a better one for the same amount?” The child said nothing.

He rolled up his trouser leg to reveal a prosthetic limb. The shopkeeper understood. This is understanding others’ feelings.

3. Misguided Advisor | Moral story in English short

An educated person doesn’t need to always make the right decision. Let’s understand this through a story. There was a man who sold samosas by the roadside.

He couldn’t read newspapers due to being illiterate. He never listened to the radio because of a hearing problem and had never seen a television due to weak eyesight. Nonetheless, his samosa business flourished.

His sales and profits increased consistently. He began buying more potatoes and even upgraded his oven. One day, his son, who had just graduated with a B.A. degree, came to help him. After that, an odd incident occurred.

The son asked him, “Father, do you know that we are about to face a severe recession?” The father replied, “No, but tell me about it.”

The son said, “International conditions are serious, and domestic situations are worse. We should be prepared to face difficult times.”

The man thought his son had gone to college, read newspapers, and listened to the radio, so he shouldn’t take his opinion lightly. The next day, he reduced his potato purchases and took down his signboard.

His enthusiasm vanished, and soon the number of customers decreased rapidly, causing his sales to plummet. The father admitted, “You were right. We are indeed going through a recession. I’m glad you warned me in time.”

This story teaches us to choose our advisors wisely but make our decisions based on our judgment.

4. Words of a Saint | Moral story in English short

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Let’s understand this through a story. In ancient India, a wandering man hurled insults at a saint walking by, but the saint remained unaffected and listened to those words until the man grew tired of speaking. Moral story in English short

Then the saint asked the man, “If something is not accepted by anyone, whose possession does it remain in?”

The man replied, “It remains with the giver.”

The saint said, “I refuse to accept your insults,” and left, leaving the man bewildered and surprised. The saint had full control over his inner peace.

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5. Trustworthiness | Moral story in English short

We all know the story of the shepherd boy who cried wolf. He troubled the village, shouting, “Wolf! Wolf!”

The boy thought it would be fun to disturb the village, but no wolf appeared. The villagers listened to his cries and rushed to save him. When they arrived, they saw no wolf and the boy laughed at them. They left.

The next day, the boy repeated the same trick, and the villagers rushed to help again. But one day, when the boy was herding sheep and saw a real wolf, he cried for help, but nobody came.

They thought the boy was playing the same trick, and as a result, his sheep were attacked and he suffered losses.

From this story, the lesson is that when people tell lies, they lose their trustworthiness. Once they lose their trustworthiness, nobody believes them even when they speak the truth.

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