Doll’s House Moral Stories

Doll’s House Moral Stories

Moral Stories

Moral Stories : It was around three in the evening. Rinku was standing in the backyard of her house, waiting for her friend Neelam, who used to play with her.

Neelam arrived soon, and after playing computer games for a while, they decided to build a dollhouse.

Neelam gathered the materials, and Rinku took all her toys from inside the house. The construction of the dollhouse began. They created three rooms, including a drawing room, complete with a small sofa, and a beautifully decorated bedroom. They placed a doll on the bed, along with an almirah and some books. The kitchen was filled with various utensils, and a miniature broom was assigned for cleaning. At the main entrance of the house, they placed a toy dog.

Soon, they constructed a small road outside the dollhouse, with toy cars, buses, trucks, and pedestrians waiting at the bus stop.

The doll house was ready.

Both friends were so engrossed in building the house that they lost track of time. It was only when they noticed Mona, the girl from the neighboring house, watching them that they realized the evening had descended.

Rinku’s mother called them inside for snacks. They rushed into the house, but Mona was still standing there, seemingly intrigued by their creation.

After having a snack, Neelam left for her house. Rinku returned to find her dollhouse shattered, and some of her toys broken. She understood that only Mona could have done this. She had always been jealous of Rinku’s ability to create such beautiful dollhouses.

Rinku’s eyes welled up with tears. All her hard work had been destroyed by Mona in a matter of minutes. Mona had done this before on several occasions, and it hurt Rinku deeply.

In a fit of anger, Rinku decided to get even with Mona. The next day, Mona was busy constructing her dollhouse. When Rinku saw Mona working on her dollhouse, she made up her mind to break Mona’s dollhouse as a form of revenge.

Mona spent hours constructing her dollhouse. She didn’t have as many toys as Rinku, so her dollhouse wasn’t as impressive, but it was still beautiful. Moral Stories After finishing it, Mona returned to her house.

As soon as Mona entered her house, Rinku quietly slipped into Mona’s backyard and destroyed her dollhouse. She shattered it, ruining all of Mona’s hard work. Then, she returned to her own house.

Rinku was feeling guilty and torn between her desire for revenge and her conscience. She thought that by taking revenge in this way, she had wasted Mona’s efforts.

The next day, Mona was busy rebuilding her dollhouse. When Rinku saw her, she decided to make amends for her actions. She knew that Mona had never retaliated against her before, and she felt remorse for what she had done.

After a lot of thought, Rinku came up with a plan. She decided to build a new dollhouse for Mona using her own toys.

Rinku quickly gathered her toys and went to Mona’s backyard. First, she built a spacious backyard, followed by a drawing room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. She replicated everything as they had built it earlier. She even placed a toy dog at the entrance.

Mona hadn’t noticed Rinku’s arrival until she heard some noise in her backyard. Before Mona could say anything, Rinku had picked up Mona’s dollhouse and started dusting it off, showing genuine care and remorse. Mona was taken aback.

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Rinku admitted her wrongdoing, saying that she had destroyed Mona’s dollhouse in a moment of anger, and she had regretted it ever since. She promised never to harm Mona or her dollhouse again.

Mona was deeply moved by Rinku’s words. She had always been quick to anger and confrontational. This incident made her realize that sometimes it’s better to accept one’s mistakes and offer an apology. She also realized that building friendships is more important than seeking revenge.

From that day forward, their friendship remained unbreakable.

This story teaches us that “goodness triumphs over evil,” and it is better to mend relationships rather than harbor grudges.

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